A typeface inspired by
the Elder Scrolls

Sovngarde is a fantasy font I designed for the UI as a modification for Skyrim.

Entirely built off the title letters of the game, I created this font to supersede Futura Condensed in the interface.

Most games with roleplaying aspects provide a consistent experience of immersion with everything, from the fonts to the menus. Since Skyrim does not, this font provides a seamless flow from the moment you look at the box art to actually playing the game.


3,300,000 clicks

user impressions and engagements



across Xbox One & PC

7 languages



2 weights

bold and light


Featured in the top 100 endorsed modifications of Skyrim Special Edition, the international usage and prominence of this font has far exceeded any other available in the community it was designed for. It's also the most downloaded font available on the Xbox platform for Skyrim.

Sovngarde is widely utilized as a resource for brands and graphics for mod authors, users and communities across the world.

It's also been featured in the top 100 free fonts for 2018 on Graphic Design Junction (#82).



Live demo of the font in the UI