The Elder Scrolls: Skyblivion is a fantasy open world action role-playing game slated for release before The Elder Scrolls VI. I joined the texture art team in early 2017 to help recreate the expansive province of Cyrodiil by texturing the plethora of province and faction banners in the game. Since then, my duties have expanded to a number of other responsibilities:

- Banner conceptualization and illustration
- Conceptual illustration vectors and blockouts
- Remastering 10 year old textures while retaining their original flavor
- Final texture polish passes
- Creating a custom user interface typeface based on the inky title of Oblivion
- Illustrating the patterns and shapes woven into the clothing of the populace

Even outside the scope of the game development industry, the skills I've learned from this project are highly practical. From texturing realistic materials to furthering my study of typography, I've become a far greater designer and artist than I was prior to joining the team.

Skyblivion is currently in development.
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