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  As anyone who's played Destiny, or been in any user experience circles knows, this game really brought quite the innovation to a largely static standard of UI and UX seen on consoles for the past couple of generations.

  It is highly regarded by all, or at least granted the fact that it brought forward very simple but superior interface concepts to the console space, so how do you top that?

The Reef


  Faults fracture plenty of designs, but oftentimes they aren't apparent until the product is in the wild. Deadlines and budgeting limits can be limiting factors, but regardless of the source of the few and far-between faults I've perceived in the UI of Destiny, I personally believe it to be one of the best interfaces created in the modern generation of games.

  My objective in this concept was to fulfill the potential left in the interface based around 120 hours playing Destiny and a couple of design choices I believe should be addressed.



The initial concepts and designs were rough, but certainly paved
the way for a resplendent experience and aesthetic tone in version 3.


Initial Inventory

  • The entire concept is largely adhering to the original design while it focuses on relocating and giving related stats neighboring locations in the menu for quick surfing.
  • Playing around with shading and reflections of the character model.
  • First pass on an alternative menu (left), which was scrapped.

Initial Character Selection

  • My goal was to give the login screen more breathing room and the chance to give the player inspiring views of the game they are about to enter.
  • Class selection was pushed to the side but I chose to scrap that due to the crowded feeling it gave.
  • However, the one aspect of this design that I carried forward into the final iteration was the view into the world the vibrant, fullscreen background gives the player. If animations were added, it would be a live preview of the player's logout location.


Final Build, Character Selection


In the third iteration of the art style and layout, I finally produced an experience I felt was properly designed. Unlike previous versions, I decided to define specific elements to be consistent across all menus and also adhere closely to the original layouts and styles of the UI, unless change was necessary to produce a better outcome or feature.

The light level (upper right corner) extends across all the menus and is consistently visible as a grounding point for the player. It is also the single most important stat the player will want to know, which gives instant reference without clogging up the primary viewing space. This specific feature was not in the original UI by Bungie's team and it finally expands the user's available information to include the most valuable statistic they need to know.

Original Destiny character selection interface



Armor and weapon categories match the class selection style (see character selection image) to define their importance.

Light level remains in the corner with all important discipline stats directly underneath for a single point of reference on the screen to look to when updating or swapping gear.

The nav menu remains in the upper half of the screen, cutting through the halfway point of the light level circle and gives the player icons representative of each option for an easily memorized visual guide instead of typed-out menu option titles.

The final touch was adding the mirrored character model reflection.

Original Destiny inventory interface


Orbit / Activity Selection

The primary changes were to the fireteam information displayed. Light level for the player viewing this screen isn't displayed next to their username, unlike their comrades since it's already in the corner.

Class, sex and race are now displayed, which is very important for raiding parties and activities which require a specific team composition.

Original Destiny orbit interface


These designs are purely conceptual. I have no affiliation with Bungie or Activision.
All rights to Destiny and affiliated properties belong to Bungie and Activision.